Feb 3, 1998, 12:01 AM
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headlines newspaper morning tuesday tehran's in appeared headlines following the -- irna 3, .feb tehran, :morning tuesday on newspapers :daily iran strike military .s.u avoid to wants iraq - verdict death hofer in mediate to .p.m german - sanctions iran on change mind .s.u predicts 'total' - protests violent stage youths palestinian - cooperation and dialogue discuss pope kharrazi, - :times tehran syria to visit week-long starts nateq-nouri - persian over looming war .s.u avert to calls minister defense - gulf civilizations between dialogue of bearer standard iran - iraq in force against warning strong sends yeltsin - day fourth for clash israelis palestinians, - :news iran force condemns iraq, over success claims russia - pope to message khatami's president submits kharrazi - report times angeles los denies fm - in tension heighten to attempts .s.u of warns shamkhani - gulf persian overture iran's by encouraged .s.u - ah/ns more