Feb 2, 1998, 12:01 AM
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bill budget approving for majlis thanks government mohajerani ataollah spokesman government the -- irna 2, .feb tehran, to majlis the by made efforts the appreciated night sunday here .bill budget year next country's the to approval final its give changes least'' ''the had has which bill budget 1377 approved the of rise a indicates budget government-proposed the to compared as in percent 8.15 of increase an and sector development in percent 4.41 1376, year the for budget the to compared as expenditures current the .said mohajerani .rls save to government the obliged has majlis the meanwhile, be would government the that hope expressing said he billion, 4,435 next the of framework the within task its out carrying in successful .budget year presidential the by made report the that noted further mohajerani in deprivation of elimination on regions deprived of charge in office meeting cabinet the in discussed issue another was areas rural .night sunday deprived of number the reducing in succeeded has office the he villages, 18,406 of number previous the from 15,000 to villages .said the throughout villages 3,000 over report, the to according health electricity, water, drinking with provided been have country government the years, two past the in facilities educational and .added spokesman by increase will retired and employees government of salary the .reported he 1998, 21, march of as percent 5.17 on ministry metals and mines by signed agreements new to turning meydouk and ahar in factories concentration copper of construction the as kerman in complex copper sarcheshmeh of expansion as well as country's the that said mohajerani decisions, new government's nee the once year a tons 200,000 to increase will output copper .enforced are agreements allocated be will billion 1,200 rls plus million 400 .dlrs some .concluded mohajerani projects, the out carrying to fs/rr end