Feb 1, 1998, 12:01 AM
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spokesman fm:importance great of meeting ii paul john kharrazi-pope foreign iranian the of visit imminent the on -- irna 1, .feb rome, ministry foreign iran's vatican, the to kharrazi kamal minister kharrazi's that sunday here irna told mohammad mahmoud spokesman .significance great of be will ii paul john pope with meeting 24- a for monday on switzerland from here arrive to is kharrazi one meetings two have will he where city vatican the to visit hour john counterpart vatican his with other and ii paul john pope with .mohammadi added turan, luis any meet also would kharrazi whether that question a to replying minister foreign iranian the that stated mohammadi officials, italian davos, in met had dini lamberto counterpart italian his and .saturday on forum economic world the of sidelines the on switzerland ii, paul john pope with meeting his in that out pointed mohammadi seyyed hojjatoleslam president from message a submit will karrazi .khatami mohammad on views exchange to expected is minister foreign iranian the" aimed cooperation international and relations bilateral irano-vatican a for way the pave helping besides apostasy and poverty fighting at "world, the throughout values moral of propagation and peace just .added he the that consideration into taking" that concluded spokesman the is (oic) conference islamic the of organization the of presidency would vatican the to visit kharrazi's khatami, by chaired being ".goals those achieving for opportunity new a create certainly pm/dh end