Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Iran's under Sea Caspian in performed be to research joint management the of Head and Advisor Presidential -- IRNA 30, Sept Gorgan, with interview an in Ebtekar Masoumeh Dr Environment the of Department implemented be to due is project research a Saturday said journalists week next states littoral Sea Caspian four from experts by jointly .phenomena environmental sea's the measure to management Iran's under maritime the in part take will country each from experts Four .added she work, research paramount of are Sea Caspian the of aspects environmental the All its improving after seriously is which Iran for importance .environment adding said, Ebtekar Iran, in identified been have swamps 280 Some dry fully turned have swamps these of 14 unfortunately that however .year last drought severe the to due have measures effective that fact the over regret expressed She the in swamps natural the of ruin the prevent to adopted been yet not .country world the that stated further advisor presidential The swamps four revive to million 6 Dlrs earmarked has fund environmental environmental the within billion 10 rls earmarked has Iran .Iran in .year current the for programs HB/HM END