Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Low Was Price Oil When Gave It Advice Follow Must West :Norbakhsh West the in nations consuming oil The -- IRNA 30, .Sept London, price oil when producers oil gave they advice the follow now should said appropriately, economies their adjust therefore and low was .(CBI) Iran of Bank Central of Governor Norbakhsh, Mohsen ago, years two barrel per dollars 10 reached price oil the When" economic the to objecting when told were countries producing oil economies their adjust should they that caused hence hardship .London in IRNA told he ,"appropriately that now but economies our adjusted and advice that heeded We" :them to thing same the say we barrel per dollars 30 near is oil " producers oil on pressure applying of instead economies your adjust .said Norbakhsh levied tax in reduction the be to adjustment this considered He in pressures inflationary and low were prices oil whilst fuel on .subdued countries consuming some in cent per 74 as high as is petrol on tax of level The .countries European that taxes fuel" suggested, Norbakhsh "economies their adjust To" to order in cut be should years few past the in applied been have industrial the in consumers from pressure relieve and prices reduce ." world the by applied being is that "pressure" criticised therefore He this called and producers oil on countries these of governments ."behaviour contradictory" a Bank World the at discussed was issue oil the how asked When subject the" said Norbakhsh week the in earlier Prague in meetings 24 were There ".level committee working the at debated hotly was .said he world, the of regions the all representing present, delegates their defended nations producing oil the of Representatives" points the of many cleared and" added he "however vigorously position ."raised the said he subject the on Iran of position the to Referring but "dollar 5 " at currently is "prices 1973" in oil of price ."prices higher much want we mean not does this" stressed for priority top the is market oil the in stability Achieving" harms" price oil the in fluctuations as explained, Norbakhsh "us ."consumers nd producers the both price fair a be to considers Iran what explain to on went He bands the set has OPEC although it, on figure exact an putting without .barrel per dollars 28 and 22 between as to producers encourage to as levels such at be should Prices" the meet to market the to flowing it keep thus and oil in invest ."demand ending year, Iranian current the of end the by that estimated He any accumulate to Iran by up set fund special the 2001, 20, March on ,.etc imports, cover to sufficient considered that above revenues oil ."billion 6 Dlr about" of balance a have would in sector private the to available made be will funds These" .explained he "activity economic and production boost help to order JA/JH END