Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Future Near The In Iran To Go To Missions Trade UK Three to are delegations trade British Three -- IRNA 30, .Sept London, continuing the following months, few next the in Iran visit .countries two the between relationship the in improvement is Caborn, Richard Minister, Industry and Trade of Department UK as Fair Trade International Tehran the attend to Iran in currently two past the in country the visit to Minister Trade UK first the British-Iran of Chairman Hanley, Jeremy Sir to according and decades, .soon follow to are contacts further commerce, of Chamber a taking be would he said Hanley Sir London in IRNA to Speaking .January in Iran to Chamber the of members the from delegation be will they June, in place took that mission the to Similar officials, governmental other and trade Iranian ranking high meeting .said he firm, private the by trip a by followed be would This the is he which of Limited, Mission Investment and Trade International .chairman Association, East Middle the by organised is mission third The ."autumn this Iran to mission a planning" is said Hanley Sir which were three these that and "more be could there" said he But .of aware was he all In .1998 in relations diplomatic full established UK and Iran the relations, trade improve to efforts mutual of continuation two-day a held (IPIS)Studies International and Political of Institute London, in "2000 Invest Iran" conference international .September27-28 active an played Party Conservative British the of ex-chairman The delegates 200 than more by attended was which conference, the in role promoting of ways various discussed who Britain and Iran from mainly .ahead challenges the and Iran in investments speech, his in said he "Iran in invest to time the is Now" bilateral of value so or (m 580 .Dlr ) pounds m 400 the calling ."disgraceful" as countries two the between trade Iran, in framework business and legal "difficult" to Referring .reforms current the of continuation the for called he Mr London to ambassador Iranian what by encouraged greatly was I" .said Hanley Sir "speech his in saying was Sarmadi post the to appointment his since time first the for Speaking for plans Iran's of details on delegates conference briefed Sarmadi lure to designed are that incentives and liberalisation business .country the towards investors will reforms such that confident was he said Hanley Sir .out carried be extensively the shows Organisation Trade World the join to Applying third Iran's in prescribed as reforms on deliver to commitment .said he there, is plan five-year JA/JH END