Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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investment boost will Fund Reserve Exchange Foreign says MP Commission Budget and Plan Majlis of Chairman -- IRNA 30, Sept Tehran, on bill the of adoption the that Saturday on here said Ansari Majid step important an is (FERF) Fund Reserve Exchange Foreign establishing .employment productive creating and investment expanding in .session open an in bill the on (Sunday) tomorrow vote will Majlis has Bill Plan Development Five-Year Third the said Ansari special a in revenues oil surplus deposit to government the authorized .(2001 21, March on beginning) 1380 year Iranian coming the of as fund predicted was Plan Third the for revenues oil annual average The .billion 3.11 .dlrs at year Iranian current the in rose prices oil the as said Ansari FERF create to Majlis asked government the ,(20 March started) 1379 .date scheduled the before year one oil in deficit for up make to either used be will FERF the said He .projects industrial support to or revenues in proposals presented also have deputies Majlis added Ansari revenues extra country's the of part allocate to asked have they which .likes the and projects development strengthen drought, confront to Third the for revenues export oil the for table the since said He bill new the markets, oil in period critical a during drawn was Plan and billion 8.13 .dlrs at revenues oil annual average the set will .FERF the in deposited be will revenues extra any use to government the authorize also will bill the said Ansari sector private the to loans give to FERF the of percent 50 most at can which projects productive in investment encourage to order in .economy the of sectors various in jobs create JB/AH/RR End