Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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India in today begins Chishti Moinuddin of Urs soofi great of urs week-long annual The -- IRNA 30, Sept Delhi, New in city a Ajmer, at Saturday started Chishti Moinuddin Khawaja saint .Rajasthan of state western the creed and caste religion, their of irrespective devotees The and country the of parts different from city the thronging started .Bangladesh and Pakistan of countries neighbouring from also on saint Muslim first the was Chishti Moinuddin Khawaja Hazrat the before well Islam preached and propagated who soil Indian the before well matter that for or state Muslim the of establishment Hence .number considerable in territory the on Muslims of settlement much owe India in Muslims .patronage official like nothing was there .saint great this of contributions the to in up brought was he but AH, 536 in Sistan in born was He Ghyasuddin Khawaja father his that passed had years Three .Khorasan .abode eternal the for left east and north the towards journey the made he truth, of search In centres important two the Baghdad, and Bukhara Sabzevar, covered and he education initial getting After .time that at learning Islamic of he journey his During .west the towards moved and places these left and mental his in role vital a played which Nishapur through passed he where Nishapur near Harun reached he Thereafter .up make spiritual .saint great a Haruni, Uthman Sheikh accros came around moved he Sheikh his from lessons spiritual getting After the was It .Sabzevar and Isfahan Baghdad, especially regions, many was He .condition critical very a through passing was India when time India in idolatory rampant the know to came when grieved much very Lahore that fact the Despite .country the visit to him compelled which great the was Delhi and Muslims affluent the with populated well was no was there where Ajmer to go to preferred Khawaja learning, of seat .all at Muslim during AH 561 in Ajmer at arrived Chishti Moinuddin Khawaja Hazrat and love of that simply was mission His .Pathora Rai of rule the was area entire the time, short a In .guidance and purity learning, took thousands in women and Men .God of unity of truth the with agog single a not was there Where .hands his on allegiance of oath the the in believers of thousands of hundreds by inhabited now is Muslim . Allah of oneness and songs music, with people local the of obsession the at Looking the attract to `Mehfil-e-Sema' of system the adopted Khawaja dance of propagation the to deal great a contributed Mehfils These .masses .teachings Islamic Chishtiya with linked country the in Khanqahs the all today Still sung are songs mystic where Mehfil-e-Sema organize mysticism of order .instruments musical of help the with spiritualism, and mysticism of world the illuminating After 6th the on abode eternal an for world transitory this left Khawaja .(AD 1236) AH 633 Rajab ND/AH End