Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Iran to reparations war about unconcern its for UN blasts Daily editorial its in Saturday on News' `Iran -- IRNA 30, Sept Tehran, attitude indifferent its for (SC) Council Security UN the blasted unanimous it despite Iran, to reparations war of issue the regarding Iran of Republic Islamic the of due right the is it that approval for "aggressor" and "culprit real" the identified was Iraq after .Tehran with war 8-year the starting for SC the mock further to on went daily English-language The this that wrote and Baghdad to flights international permitting is "1284 Resolution on complacency" SC's the that proves measure .indifference "what? so" a to way give to beginning Jordan France, from flights recent the to objecting Strongly in are flights these that stressed daily the Iraq, to Russia and its since Iraq on imposed sanctions of contravention absolute" ".1990 2, August on Kuwait of invasion other or Baghdad into allowed are flights no" this, of view In "SC the of decisions further pending matter, that for cities Iraqi ..paper the stressed on resolve international violated have countries these However, and foodstuffs aid, humanitarian for need strong a of pretext their .paper the out hit citizens, Iraqi by medicine the between wedge a drive" to managed has hand other the on Iraq is Baghdad in "clique ruling" the that adding scoffed it "members SC dogged their since overjoyed, be to justified well course of .off paid has intransigence the of members permanent five the fire, to fuel more add to Now exacting of decision a ratified Thursday Commission Compensation UN Kuwait, for "billion 9.15 dlrs" of claim damages and reparations war Gulf Persian the during wells oil Kuwaiti by sustained losses the for .War through settled be could claims Kuwaiti the that ruled also SC The that adding noted it purpose, this for aside set venenues oil Iraqi settlement final a in incorporated be also could measure latest this .Iraq on sanctions the lift to to according that mentioning worth is it connnection, this In on damages billion 100 dlrs inflicted Iraq" estimates, conservative .daily the stressed "Iran, took cease-fire a since years long 12 of lapse a despite However, now till has Iran, nations, warring previously two the between place protracted the for reparations war of form the in "penny a" seen not .nation the on inflicted damages atrocious and Kuwait, on aggression Iraqi the" that here noting worth is It came Iran on war Iraqi-imposed the during ally long-time its was which ".front eastern their on theirs be could glory no realized they after now that question the issue, the on done and said is all However "reparations war" any received not date till has Iran why is arises aggressor, "full-fledged" the identified been has Iraq though even .paper the asked the on good making of responsibility entire the bears Iraq .emphasized it damages, the reprimanding by concluded paper the token, same the By in action any initiate to long so taking for Ministry Foreign Iranian .line this FH/RR END