Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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flights weekly of number increase to Italy Iran, and Iran of Organization Aviation Civil The -- IRNA 30, Sept Rome, flights increasing on agreement reached have side Italian its .week a thrice to countries two the between to Air Iran by operated being was flight weekly one only far So emphatically sides two the with Iran to Alitalia by and Italy .flights of number the in increase for calling international and legal for general director Rafiei-Nia, Fereydoun talks the to delegation Iranian the of head and Air Iran of affairs sides two the between signed was agreement the that here IRNA told .night Thursday stage first the in week a twice to increase will flights The added be will flight another months few a after and winter coming in .three to number the bringing it, to is, agreement the in stipulated provision another that said He establish to flights, of number the increasing to addition in Prior .countries both in destinations different to flights passenger between operated only were flights agreements the of signing the to .Rome and Tehran be can flights weekly three the agreement the to According said, Rafiei-Nia both, of combination a or cargo passenger, solely further for ground the prepare will accord new the that adding .industry tourism as well as exports of expansion to flights weekly seven operates Air Iran presently said He to two and Britain to four Netherlands, the to four Germany, .Austria road of charge in countries two the of officials Meanwhile, annual the increasing on agreement reached also transportation two the between transporting trucks Italian and Iranian of number .2,000 present the from 4,000 to countries night, Friday Rome in held were which talks the of end the At terminals border and transit the of general director Gholami, Esmail agreement new the that IRNA told Ministry Transport and Roads the of .year next of as effect into go will a such said Gholami agreement, the of importance the Underlining non-oil Iran's of promotion further in result will stride great job of creation and tariffs export of reduction Italy, to exports .opportunities possibility the officials Italian with discussed also he said He transportation road on agreement recent the joining Italy of of exchange India, and Russia Iran, between reached exchange and Italy and Iran between expertise transportation-related .countries two the of sectors private between visits of NS/RR End