Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Sunday Iran visit to minister economics German Mueller Werner Economics of Minister German -- IRNA 30, Sept Bonn, to visit official three-day a on Sunday on Tehran in arrive to due is .Iran of Republic Islamic the to is he delegation, economic 34-member high-ranking a Heading economic and political senior and Khatami Mohammad President meet .country the of officials ,(BDI) Industries of Union German of Head Henkel, Olaf Hans and Commerce of Chamber German of General Secretary and Schoser Franz banks German several of representatives as well as (DIHT) Industries his in Mueller accompany will sector economic country's the and will industrialists German some and unions German of Managers .visit .delegation the forming those among be also to is minister German the capital, Iranian the in stay his During speech a deliver to and Fair Trade International Tehran 26th the visit of establishment of anniversary 25th the commemorate to ceremony a at .Industry and Commerce of Chamber Iran-Germany joint joint Tehran-Bonn of session next the holding for date The meetings Mueller's during determined be will commission economic .officials economic Iranian with at products their display on putting are companies German 98 Iranian the in opened which Fair Trade International Tehran the as percent 13 of increase an shows figure The .Saturday capital .year preceding the to compared 1.3 at stood 1999 in exchanges trade Tehran-Bonn of volume The reached Iran to exports German the which of out Marks German billion .marks million 2.2 vehicles ironware, products, electric and chemical Machinery, the while Iran to exported items major among were foodstuff and oil, crude carpets, included Germany to exports Republic's Islamic .fruits and the of months six first the during Iran to exports German of rise a indicating marks, German billion 2.1 reached year current an showed Republic Islamic the from imports its while percent 25 .period same the during marks million 552 to percent 43 of increase FS/RR End