Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Palestine in situation on Mubarak briefs Arafat Authority, Palestinian the of Chairman -- IRNA 30, Sept Athens, in Mubarak Hosni President Egyptian briefed Arafat, Yasser in situation explosive the on Saturday Cairo in meeting a in bloodbath Zionist new of aftermath the in Palestine .Thursday on al-Qods in compound Al-Aqsa the the facing crisis the discussed also leaders Arab two The .reported radio Cairo process, peace East Middle so-called blamed office Mubarak's Hosni by issued statement A .massacre the for Zionsits the by committed ...violence bloody the deplores ''Egypt .statement the said Israelis,'' the Palestine in clashes the that regrets Cairo that said It their deploying are partners the all ''when moment a at occurred peace hindering are that obstacles the overcome to efforts ''.Palestinians and Israelis between negotiations over and dead reported are Palestinians seven least At clashes of days two in forces security Zionist by injured 200 .towns Palestinian several in hold to is al-Asad Bashar President Syrian Meanwhile, abroad tour first his on Sunday on Cairo in Mubarak with talks .president Syria's becoming after Egypt visit to expected is Gaddafi Muammar leader Libyan NK/YS .leadership Egyptian the with talks for Monday on END