Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Mosque Al-Aqsa in massacre for regime Zionist censures JRM the Saturday on denounced party rightist A -- IRNA 30, Sept Tehran, Palestinians seven which in Mosque Al-Aqsa holy the in incident bloody .militants Israeli by injured others 200 and killed were as known Association Clergy Militant the statement, the In crime violent the that said (JRM) Mobarez Rowhaniyat-e Jeme-e the of face "atrocious and scandalous" the unveiled again once human in acts criminal most the masterminded has which regime Zionist an) Satan Great the by bankrolled all Palestinians against history .(States United the to allusion regime Zionist the of support all-out and unreasonable '.S.U The" the with rapprochement seeking governments domestic all to lesson a is .said it "States, United arrogance, global that demonstrates experience Historical" the over unbiased not is only not States, United the by spearheaded said, further it "Israel, supports also but issue, Palestinian to Congress .S.U the by measure approved recently a" that adding ".fact this confirms Palestine for state independent an oppose political of wary be to movements Islamic all on called It .knees its to regime Zionist the bring to unite to and moves the in Friday on wounded 200 and killed were Palestinians Seven rubber fired troops Israeli when Mosque Al-Aqsa the of premises .Palestinians at ammuniton live and bullets AK/LS/YS End