Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Strip Gaza to spread carnage over Protests the at carnage Zionist the over Protests -- IRNA 30, .Sept Athens, Strip Gaza the to spread have Friday on Al-Qods in Mosque Al-Aqsa their show to streets the to took Palestinians of thousands where .Al-Qods from despatch a said crime, Zionist the at indignation Israeli heavily-armed between clashes said sources Palestinian hours morning early the in started youths Palestinian and soldiers .Strip Gaza the in localities several in Saturday al- Deir the at occurred confrontations violent said sources The .Dorom Kfar of settlement Jewish the opposite junction Balah hurling youths of pattern usual the took confrontation The rubber- with responding Zionists the with soldiers Israeli at stones .bullets steel coated one injured, reported were demonstrators Palestinian Fifteen .neck the in wound gunshot a sustaining a by torched reportedly was post garrison Zionist a Moreover, .protesters Palestinian by it on thrown firebomb Rafah, of towns Gaza the in place taking are marches Furthermore, .Strip Gaza the of parts other in and Younis Khan in reported been have demonstrations violent Bank, West the In .Bethlehem and (Hebron) Al-Khalil Ramallah, Al-Qods, firebombs and stones hurled youths Palestinian angry Al-Khalil, In .settlers Zionist at in brought army occupation Zionist the morning, Saturday of As .Al-Khalil to reinforcements besieged forces Army Israeli that reported been has it Moreover, .Al-Khalil of northwest kilometers 15 Surif, of town small the the throughout prevailed mourning and strike general a Meanwhile, crimes Zionist the to protest in Strip Gaza and Bank West .shrine holiest Islam's Mosque, Al-Aqsa the at committed foreseeable the in continue to expected are protests Palestinian .future KA/NK/LS/YS END