Sep 30, 2000, 12:01 AM
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conference guidance Haj first opens Mahathir Dr Minister Prime Mahathir Dr Minister Prime Malaysian -- IRNA 30, Sept Lumpur, Kuala here Guidance Haj on Conference First three-day the opened Mohamad by management pilgrim for module ideal an seeking on focuses which .countries Muslim other of experiences the incorporating Arabian Saudi the by organized jointly is conference The .(Haji Tabung) Fund Pilgrim Malaysia's and government the at presented be will models guidance Haj different Four ."Mabrur Haj Guidance--Towards Haj on Conference First" three-day be to models the on insight an given be will delegates The day first the on Senegal and Jordan Turkey, Malaysia, by presented .conference the of social diverse the highlight to chosen were countries four The the are they yet and" countries these in differences geographical and ".pilgrims good with nations leading few for guidelines as serve to resolutions adopt will conference The .pilgrimage Haj the managing in nations Muslim to pilgrimage annual the make Muslims million two estimated An .city holiest Islam's Mecca, attending are countries 51 from Haj of charge in ministers 25 Some the Sudan, Pakistan, Iran, from those including conference, the .Oman and Syria Algeria, Singapore, Philippines, is Rezai, Hussein Muhamad Iran, of Organization Haj the of Head .meeting the to delegation three-member the leading participating 51 all to live telecast is address opening The .countries the said Madani Ameen Iyad Dr Minister Haj Arabia's Saudi Saudi promote to meant not was here ministers Haj of gathering Mecca to pilgrims million two some with dealing in efforts Arabia's a towards obstacles surmount to how on ideas exchange to but year each .Haj the of performance smoother implement to countries Muslim force not will Arabia Saudi said He .pilgrims Haj for programs preparation and orientation certain kind some find to able be would conference the that hoped was It prepare to enough, flexible yet comprehensive, module a of .concerned countries the in applied be could which pilgrims would-be BN/LS/YS More