Sep 29, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Saturday Kuwait visit to Minister Interior Moussav Abdol-Vahed Minister Interior Iran's -- IRNA 29, Sept Kuwait, Kuwaiti his of invitiation the at Kuwait in Saturday arrive will Lari protocols ink to as-Sabah al-Hamad Khalid Muhammad Sheikh counterpart .earlier drafted had delegations expertise Kuwaiti and Iranian week, this Eariler smuggling and drug-running against fighting on agreements drafted visa of issuance the facilitating and information of exchange goods, .states both of citizens the for since states two the between signed second the is agreement The Sheikh of Tehran to visit a during first the signed they when 1997 domestic and control drug of area the in cooperation for as-Sabah, .security started Kuwait and Iran of ministries interior the from Experts on held meeting joint a of ahead talks official week last Tuesday .Thursday by mechanisms examined experts the meeting, two-day their During including fields, various in cooperation bilateral expand to which country's each within security internal boost would that those .borders Haq-Shenas, Javad Mohammad by led was delegation Iranian The Interior Iranian the of affairs political for director-general Abdullah Colonel by headed was panel Kuwaiti the while Ministry, Kuwaiti the of affairs security for director-general al-Fares, .Ministry Interior Iran's of expansion that IRNA told Haq-Shenas Wednesday, On understanding creating on based is countries foreign with cooperation accordance in pursued is and states regional and neighboring among .detente of policy declared Khatami's Mohammad President with AK/HR End