Sep 29, 2000, 12:01 AM
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anniversary war on Iraq for support US recalls Rafsanjani Council Expediency National of Chairman - IRNA 29, Sept Tehran, of thousands to sermons his in Rafsanjani, Hashemi Akbar Ayatollah that said today, here prayers congregational Friday at worshipers regime Zionist the between intermediary neutral a not is Washington contingent adopted had Congress .S.U because Palestinians the and a with relations establish might that government any against sanctions .Government Palestinian declared unilaterally injustice the of evidence was Congress the by decision the said He with deal to incapacity their of proof sufficient and Americans the of .Palestine of issue the to sermon second his offering was who Rafsanjani Ayatollah the at prayers congregational weekly the in worshipers of thousands in Summit OPEC the to adverted also University Tehran of compounds organization the that glad was he saying Thursday ended that Caracas .countries consuming the of policies the to succumbed not had onerous levying systematically were countries consuming said He for OPEC blamed and consumers own their of shoulder the on burdens the get countries world industrialized the said He .prices oil hiking for remaining share small a only with deal the in chunk biggest .producers the of episodes recalled Rafsanjani Ayatollah sermon, same the In President then the saying 1980, in Iran against aggression Iraqi stronger a for proposal every rejected adamantly had Banisadr the to grounds vague on Iraqis invading the with confrontation .Iran of disadvantage Armed the by operations strategic of review brief a offered He siege Iraqi ended that Corps Guards Revolution Islamic the and Forces operations, Samenol-Aemmeh in Abadan of city port Gulf Persian the of Iran's in both Khorramshahr of occupation the ended later which and .province Khuzestan the on war Iraq-Iran to referring was who Rafsanjni Ayatollah Iranian the years war the throughout said anniversary its of occasion that fact the despite bravely very forces Iraqi fought had forces terms in Hossein Saddam helped generously had west the and .S.U the .hardware military of Saddam of support in in stepped had Americans the said He had and Gulf Persian the into navy their pulled had Hossein, the over (board on 295 about with) airbus Iran's hit eventually they that Tehran to message the get to Iran of waters territorial .war the in victory Iran's tolerate not would "combatants, Muslim by victories successive and significant" to message the get to powers global big prompted" Rafsanjani, said that and Iran, by victories those tolerate not would they that us ".victors emerge to allowed be would Iraq-Iran the in side neither would Saddam that knowledge common was it" said, he "Although," ".rate any at war the in side winning the be never pounding by Iraq with sided openly had Americans the said He flags their raising by and warships, Iranian and terminals oil Iranian .waters Gulf Persian the in oil Kuwait's carrying tankers on in resistance bold the of result the as said Rafsanjani Ayatollah Republic Islamic the of enemies the combatants Muslim by war the and Iran with war the initiated had Iraq that admitted eventually Council Security .N.U the accept to Iran entreated subsequently ceasefire a for terms the provided that 598 number) Resolution .(neighbors warring two the between dlrs of Iran to payment for provided had resolution UN the said He said, he which, billion 1,000 dlrs of instead damages in billion 100 Kuwait while that reminded also He .Iran to damage true the been has the as incurred it that damage for) compensation receiving been has iraq's after shortly territory its of occupation Iraqi of result into Iran pushed had that powers same very the (Iran with ceasefire demand to responsible felt yet never had resolution UN the to agreeing the of any of implementation or Iran to damages judgment of payment agreed had Iran which to resolution UN the of clauses other those of measures coercive the of result the as and reluctantly .powers HR/HR End