Sep 28, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Iran permanently-troubled a wants .S.U says Commander IRGC the of Commander -- IRNA 28, Sept Province, Lorestan Khorramabad, Safavi Rahim Yahya General (IRGC) Corps Guards Revolution Islamic to device every trying been has Washington that Thursday here said will country the that sure make and Iran in unity national shatter .ever for chaotic internally remain of generation second and first the divide to intends enemy The" beliefs religious people's the undermine and Revolution, Islamic the Basijis of gathering a told he ,"devices cultural subversive by .city southern this in (forces volunteer) Faqih Velayat-e the targeted has enemy the Basically," unity and religion the uproot to (jurisprudence supreme of governance) said he "people, the among are media Zionist the and tools propaganda and Cultural of achievements the fade to enemies the with voice their fine-tuning twice think Iranians the make to and (Iraq with) war eight-year the .said he for, opted have they course ideological the about foreign and domestic both by efforts abortive decried Safavi convictions religious their in people the frustrate to enemies result the as lot a suffered have enemies Iran's said, he because, .people the of conviction Islmaic the of the God in trust and Faqih Velayat-e in faith have we as long As" He .said he "enemies, our by hatched scheme all foil will we Almighty, the between and people the among rift sporadic the on touched another of result the as branches judiciary and legislative executive, .enemies country's the of scheme divisive the of day last the on falls province this to visit Safavi's of outbreak the of anniversary the marks which "Week Defense Sacred" .Iraq with war 1980-1988 the northern the in Sunday launched were maneuvers naval of days Five .occasion the mark to Bushehr around waters Gulf Persian the of parts a in maneuvers own their held who Basijis included exercises The .Thursday on beginning Iraq with border the along province border of hundreds and commandos divers, featured games war naval The of logistics the in exercises included also and sea, at troops .borders maritime Iran's of defense and rocket-launching for opt to Iran prompted Iraq with war eight-year The .manufacture weapons in self-sufficiency the launch to about was it that week last announced Navy Iran's functioning of capable mini-vessel domestically-manufactured first .destroyer and rocket-launcher a as passenger Iran-made an of prototype the Tuesday on Meanwhile, .line assembly the off rolled Ukraine, with venture joint a plane, AK/HR End