Sep 28, 2000, 12:01 AM
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al-Qods save to move to states Muslim Arab, urges Arafat Arafat Yasser Chairman Authority Palestinian -- IRNA 28, .Sept Athens, occupied in places holy Islamic save to Muslims and Arabs urged has .al-Qods from despatch a said aggression, Zionist from Palestine on al-Qods in al-Shairf Haram the to visit a to reacting Arafat, also is who Sharon, Ariel criminal war Israeli convicted by Thursday visit the denounced party, opposition wing right Zionist the of leader ".provocative clearly" as first the places, holy Islamic against act dangerous a is This" and (prayer during faces their turn Muslims which to direction) qibla .Arafat said "shrine, Islamic holiest third the at out lashed al-Qods, in leader Palestinian a Husseini, Faisal to reference a "Shatila, and Sabra of hero" the him calling Sharon, camp refugee a in Palestinians innocent of hundreds of massacre the .Lebanon in vindictive and provocative a is it visit, a not is This" come have could He .Arabs the infuriate to meant is that demonstration was this but hours, visit regular during visitor regular a as visit to .Husseini said "intention, his not only Israel that showed visit the of episode the said Husseini over sovereignty no has but al-Sharif, Haram the controls militarily .it have would he here sovereign was Israel that convinced was he If" mini a without and aloft head his with al-Sharif Haram the to come .added he "him, escorting army KA/NK/JH End