Sep 28, 2000, 12:01 AM
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in (.S.A) Ali Hazrat of day birth 1400th mark to Pakistanis manner befitting Ali Hazrat of anniversary birth 1400th The -- IRNA 28, Sept Islamabad, (PBUH) Mohammad Prophet of household the of Imam first the ,(.S.A) with coinciding Rajab, of 13th on Pakistan throughout observed be will cultural and religious a manner, befitting a in 11, October .Thursday on Islamabad, in announced organization invitation extended Pakistan of Council Hussain Imam Central The these in participate to people and intellectuals Pakistani the all to .celebration the reviewed which council, the of meeting a Addressing the of chief Mehdi, Ghazanfar celebrations, the for arrangements will (.S.A) Ali Hazrat of anniversary birth 1400th the" :said council, .world the over all Muslims the by celebrated be held be will seminars and conferences Pakistan, in that added He Ali Hazrat to homage pay to cities Pakistani other and Islamabad in .(.S.A) tributes rich paid recently scholars Shiite and Sunni Pakistan's for Khamenei, Ayatullah Revolution, Islamic the of Leader the to Ali Hazrat of Year" the as year Iranian current the declaring ".(.S.A) AHM/M/2RR End