Sep 28, 2000, 12:01 AM
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sources Front United :Badakshan on attack for preparing Taliban Islamic United the to close Sources -- IRNA 28, Sept Islamabad, preparations making were Taliban said Thursday on Afghanistan of Front .province Badakhshan on offensive ranging wide a launch to Afghanistan, of north-east extreme the in located is Badakhshan .China and Pakistan Tajikistan, with borders common having thousand one of force a prepared have Taliban said sources The its on particularly province, the on onslaught make to fighters .city Faizabad capital, Takhar of city Taloqan of people displaced the of number large A living presently are ago, fortnight a Taliban to fell which province, .conditions miserable in province Badakhshan in an launched have Taliban that reports press recently were There Shah capturing border, Chitral Pakistan's of side the from attack .Badakhshan of area Saleem in still was Saleem Shah said sources Front United the However, .forces Front the of control the their consolidating were Front United the of forces said They .Taliban invading the to defence strong a offer to positions area Malang Shah captured have Taliban that reports also are There .province Takhar of AHM/M/2RR End