Sep 28, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Court Supreme raiding for convicted leaders (Nawaz) League Muslim 7 Muslim Pakistan of leaders senior Seven -- IRNA 28, Sept Islamabad, the raiding for convicted Thursday on were (Group Sharif Nawaz) League .building Court Supreme and National dissolved the of members including leaders, These the stormed which mob a leading of accused were Assemblies, Punjab Prime then the against case a hearing was it while building court apex .1997 28, November on Sharif Nawaz Minister, tenure the during had, Court Supreme the of bench three-member A of lack of basis the on leaders these acquitted Sharif, Nawaz of .evidence challenged Aurakzai Shahid journalist, Islamabad-based an However, .case the of review a demanded and decision the Chief present the by headed bench, Court Supreme five-member A several for case the hearing after Khan, Hassan Irshad Justice, imposing besides jail in month one to leaders these sentenced months, .them of each on 5000 .Rs of fine a to apology unqualified an tendered week, last had, leaders These .court the AHM/M/2RR End