Sep 28, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Nourbakhsh Says Prices, High For OPEC Blaming "Unfair" West Mohsen Governor Bank Central Iran's -- IRNA 28, .Sept London, of criticism growing the to Thursday voice his added Nourbakhsh high current the for OPEC blame to governments Western by attempts .prices fuel and consumers both for crucial is stability believed always Iran" oil to on rises price for responsibility shifting but producers, an to address an in said he "unfair, is countries producing .Iran in investment on London in conference international to told were producers" collapsed prices oil when that said He their strengthened governments consumer while economy, their adjust ".taxes increasing by economies deflect to tried have governments European as comes criticism His the for OPEC onto taxes fuel against protests widespread for blame .petrol of prices high record were taxes British that Thursday proved analyst oil leading A pay to having were motorists prices the for responsible overwhelming .UK the in petrol for Energy, for Institute Oxford the of director Mabro, Robert petrol in increases of component market-cum-OPEC the that calculated compared (07.0 Dlrs) "pence 8.4" only was years 8 past the in prices .taxes UK in "18pence.30" with western deprive would responsible were taxes that acknowledge To a in said he "blame, to target foreign convenient" a of governments .Thursday Times Financial the to letter HC/JH End