Sep 28, 2000, 12:01 AM
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to initiatives Iran's applauds meeting Ladies First Asia-Pacific poverty eradicate of envoys special and Ladies First -- IRNA 28, Sept .Lumpur Kuala and Rural of advancement Economic on Committee Steering regional the applauded Thursday on (RSC-AP) Pacific the and Asia in Women Island of alleviation the on seminar of organisation successfull Iran's .1997 April in Iran in held Credit Micro through poverty her in Ali Mohd Hasmah Siti Dr RSC-AP, of Chairman outgoing The meeting Ladies First RSC-AP three-day a of end the at remarks closing the in projects of completion successfull on Iran congratulated also .country Iran's from learn to countries member other on called also She among schemes, eradication poverty the implementation in experiences .women in strides remarkable a made has Iran" :said Hasmah Siti Dr ".women among especially poverty, rural eradicating Mahathir Dr Minister Prime by officiated was meeting RSC-AP The .Tuesday on Mohamad Iranian heading Sadaghi Khatami Zohreh Mrs Lady First Iran's become have Ladies First 16 date, To .meeting the to delegation .members next the that announced she conference, news the at Later, .2003 in Pakistan in held be will group the of conference the for chairman new the as elected unanimously was Pakistan .2001-2003 from starting term next and Islamabad to move will secretariate the said Hasmah Siti Dr its during meeting future holding for responsible be will Pakistan .tenure she achieved, conference the what on comment to IRNA by Asked to projects the of implementation the at successful very was it said .states member in poverty eliminate to loans micro-credit of role the commended particularly She .Iran of areas rural and women .group the of member new the as admitted was Laos Lady First Pakistan's group the of Chairman elected newly The group the that conference press the told Musharraf Sehba Begum .Mrs .group the of patron a as Hasmah Siti Dr make to decided had will Pakistan chairman, the as that hope the expressed also She .Hasmah Siti .Dr by set example the follow to endeavor for cause the further to resolutions several passed conference The .region the in women island and rural a of advancement economic to access equal and increased ensure to made be effort Greater extension and technology information education, employment, credit, .services assets of ownership women Island and rural of being well the For and distribution production, of means over control land, as such all over control of terms in role decision-making and exchange, .assured be assets, participants active as included be should women Island and Rural in including process, development the of levels and stages all at micro-credit promote further to also and bodies decision-making .schemes from women island and rural protect to measured Introduced debilitating and mortality, and morbidity maternal high malnutrition, .hepatitis and TB malaria, as such diseases protect and sensitise to step take to urged be governments The and fertilizers chemical of dangers the from women island and rural .pesticides environment, of issues about raised be level awareness The water energy, of consumption of patters and management water improving .resources other and the that emphatic was conference, press her at Hasmah Siti Dr to women, rural among poverty eliminate to endeavor will grouping in role their play to them encourage to and being well the promote .society countries respective in government from support with said She and education healthcare, promoting in role important play can women .planning family to confined only was program eradication poverty the why Asked and question good a was it replied Hasmah Siti Dr men, not and women referred she and meeting next the at agenda on will it that promised Roslyn Lady Guinea New Papua from Lady First the to question the the all for responsible were men" that jest in replied who Morauta, . ".world this in wrongdoing nearby in villages visit will delegation RSC-AP the Thursday, On has Malaysia successfull how witness to Selangor of state the in .areas rural its in poverty eradicated China, Philippines, the Tonga, Australia, Iran, comprises RSC-AP Laos, Kazakhstan, Kyrgysztan, Uzbekistan, Maldives, Indonesia, .Malaysia and Guinea New Papua India, Pakistan, Mongolia, BN/RR End