Sep 28, 2000, 12:01 AM
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.Cambodia flood-stricken to aid urgent deliver to WFP Tonle and Mekong the from waters flood With -- IRNA 28, Sept Vienna, hectares 220,000 nearly and homes of thousands destroying rivers Sap Programme Food World Nations United the Cambodia, in crop rice of aid food emergency deliver will it that announced Wednesday on (WFP) .here sources news to according victims, 500,000 some to families worst-hit the of 30,000 assisting already is which WFP, 15,000 some that estimates programme, relief separate a from food with the of needs immediate the meet to required be will aid of tonnes rehabilitation infrastructure for funds be will required Also .victims and possessions their lost have or displaced are who those assist to .crops and stocks food of loss the how about concerned very are We" Monika said "security, food affect will crops in reduction sharp the recede not do waters the If" .Cambodia for Director Country WFP Midel, they and replant to farmers for impossible be will it mid-October, by .said agency the "vulnerable, more even become will the to aid provide will WFP programme, emergency new the Under recede, waters the When .month one for victims flood half-million to them enable to people 250,000 some to provided be will food and homes their in required work repair major the out carry participate will people 115,000 some year, next Early .communities community damaged rehabilitate to projects "work for food" in .infrastructure than more and died have people 100 over WFP, to According .floods the to due ground higher to fled have families 40,000 EA/MHJ/RR End