Sep 27, 2000, 12:01 AM
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war Iraq-Kuwait on UNCC to compensation filing Iran and Ambassador Khorram, Ali IRNA-- 27, Sept Nations, United Vienna, Iranian filed Geneva, in .N.U the to Iran of Representative Permanent Commission Compensation Nations United the with claims individuals .War Gulf Persian the during Kuwait of onIraqiinvasion (UNCC) of status the clarified he 20, September Tuesday on speech his In the in council this of decison the awaiting are who naionals Iranian before claims their submitting of possibiliy the granted being of hope .Commission Compensation Nations United the their file to able not were individuals the of many said Khorram four to Iranians these divided He .Nations United to compensation left who individuals those comprises group first the said, and groups .properties their of most lost They .invasion the after Kuwait forms registeration the in fill to manage did they Although informed duly they whom authorities local Iranian the by distributed proper a of lack the to due Kuwait, from departure force their about of Ministry the reach not did forms these system, communication .Commission the by set deadline the before Affairs Foreign the by UNCC the to forwarded not were forms the result, a As .Ministry who individuals includes added, he victims, of category second The relevant the contact to unable were but war, the after Kuwait left in informed not were they that fact the to due authorities Iranian form any to access of deprived and illiterate being them of many time, .media mass of the by constituted is individuals such of category third The nothing to next knowing invasion, the before Kuwait left who workers and Iraq between time the at existing situation tense the about behind left they First, .twice suffered have workers These .Kuwait Kuwait, in belongings personal and furniture and properties their .invasion the during soldiers advancing the by plundered were which find they present, at and, Kuwait in job their lost they Second, .incomes of barest the to reduced frustrated, and jobless themselves .said Khorram ownership proving documents necessary of possession in are They" are involved people the part, most the For .properties looted the of settled, and families, their for responsibility bearing breadwinners, .country the of areas developed less the in cases, of majority the in that, is time on claims their file to able being not for reason The the during Kuwait in present were who those only that perceived they So .forms application relevant the out fill to eligible were invasion, .said Khorram ,"authorities concerned the approach not did they that Iranians of category fourth the ambassador, Iran's to Accorrding these to relating deeds the and properties their lost who those are still they However, .them to belonging estate real the and properties permits work and residence including documents, official some hold These .time the at Kuwait in work and live to them allowed which by suffered they loss the prove to able be doubt no would people information complementary other and evidence appropriate providing this that, noteworthy is It .start to were process the whenever for apply would they that sure not were Iranians of category .compensation until Iran in villages their leave even not did they Therefore, Iranian other the that relatives or friends their from heard they .1997 in paid were worker ND/KZ/MHJ/AH/RR End