Sep 27, 2000, 12:01 AM
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official :Iran with relations friendly wants Taliban the said Wednesday on official Taliban A -- IRNA 27, Sept Islamabad, the with relations' `friendly and `cooperation' wants militia student .Iran of Republic Islamic border, common long a have we and countries Islamic both are ``We Taliban's other,'' each with cooperate to forced are we therefore interview special a in said Zaeef Salam Abdul Mulla Pakistan, to envoy .Islamabad in IRNA, with is which Iran, that expecting beginning, very the from were, ``We Shariah Islamic where country world first the -- country Islamic an he us,'' support and help to first the be will enforced, been has .emphasized direct a have should Iran of Republic Islamic ``The said, Zaeef resolved be should that occurs difficulty any If .us with contact ''.talks through ancient had Afghanistan and Iran said official Taliban The created interests vested some but other each with relations cultural .side two the between differences political of Emirate Islamic the with relations its worsen not should ``Iran .added he interests,'' vested of instigation the at Afghanistan are countries two the between difficulties political once said He will sides both and revived be will links cultural their removed .delegations exchange real are Taliban that realized has Iran that happy are ``We to want really they and Mujahideen real and Afghans real Muslims, .said he Afghanistan,'' of difficulties the resolve each with cooperate should Afghanistan and Iran that want ``We mutual and unity their in lies Muslims of success the because other .said Zaeef Mulla fraternity,'' in diplomats Iranian of martyrdom of issue the About have they that admitted official Taliban the 1998, in Mazar-e-Shahrif .diplomats these of killers the ascertain to able been yet not not were diplomats these that possibility the was there said He .Mazar-e-Sharif in continuing was war the as identified them killed have opponents the that possibility a also is ``There .said Zuaeef Mulla Iran,'' and us between differences create to in issue this settle to ready even were Taliban said Zuaeef Mulla .Shariah Islamic of light the through resolved be should issue this that insisted he However, .negotiations talks and understanding bilateral of path the is way best ``The .said he open,'' now is path that - problem the of solution for government' `Rabbani of responsibility was it fact in that said He leaving were they when them take and diplomats these protect to .Mazar-e-Sharif be will path new a and forego should they and forego would ``We of solution for path, reasonable very a -- path third a -- adopted .said he problems,'' want Taliban that know should Iran that Allah to pray ``We ''.negotiations through problems of solution that suspicion the rejected categorically official Taliban The in government Iranian of opponents the for camps training were there .Afghanistan that want we nor Iran of unity the disturb to intend not do ``We Islamic an of people the that and Afghanistan like suffer should Iran displaced,'' and dishonored destroyed, be should Iran like country .said Mulla the AHM/MD/AH/RR End