Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Iran southern from repatriated refugees Afghan 40 home returned refugees Afghan 40 Another -- IRNA 26, Sept Bushehr, with reached agreement the of part as province southern this from provincial a ,(UNHCR) Refugees for Commissioner High United the .Tuesday here said official repatriated been had refugees 627 that IRNA told Ahmadzadeh Ahmad took program "repatriation voluntary" the since province this from .April in effect 4.1 at Iran in residing Afghans of number total the puts UNHCR The Afghan illegal 700,000 are there say authorities Iranian .million .Iran in aliens UNHCR the since back gone already have Afghans 60,000 than More .8 April on program repatriation voluntary a started Iran, and UNHCR the between February in signed agreement an Under month six a over Afghanistan to return to are refugees 100,000 some .period within asylum seeking of option an papers without refugees gave It .repatriation for apply or months six said Ogata, Sadako ,(UNHCR) Refugees for Commissioner High UN The repatriation the extend to agreed had Iran that Tehran in week last .months three by here refugees Afghan for program had officials Iranian that conference press Tehran a told Ogata she which, program the extend to request a to "positively responded" .home back Afghans 100,000 some sent far so had said, the said and Iran in refugees Afghan of camp a visited also Ogata, refugees for issue "important very" a was education of question .home return to willing "concerns, certain have they but back go to want refugees Many" Torbat-e-Jam the to visit her after journalists told head UNHCR the .refugees Afghan 7,200 houses which border, Afghan the near camp issues socio-economic rights, human security, also are There" crossing border the crossing after hours several said, she "involved, .Doqaroun of Summer, last Khatami Mohammad President to letter open an In Afghan of repatriation for called deputies (parliament) Majlis 154 .refugees Afghan of number increasing the that noted they letter the In "problems numerous" caused had here presence long their and refugees commonly is Iran in population Afghan large The .citizens Iranian for .Iran in unemployment for reason one as cited million two about that May in said Kamali Hossein Minister Labor .Iran in illegally working were Afghans, them of most refugees, the people young our give and country our leave must people Those" .said he "jobs, find to opportunity AK/HR End