Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Madrid in over stops Khatami President a made Khatami Mohammad President Iranian -- IRNA 26, Sept Madrid, his of part as capital Spanish the in Tuesday on stopover brief .summit OPEC for caracas to visit at Pique Josep Minister Foreign Spanish by received was Khatami .Iran with country his from friendship a seeking airport, Barajas Aznar Maria Jose) Minister Prime Spanish by visit upcoming The" ties bilateral develop to interests Spain's reveals Iran to (Lopez .France in currently is Aznar .said Pique "Iran, with is policy foreign Spanish the in pivot fundamental a that said He need the stressed Pique .states Asian Central the with ties develop to .states two the between trust about bring to dialogue free a for with meeting his with satisfaction expressed Khatami part, his For .held was Summit Millennium Nations United when znar of history the in page a turn will Iran to visit (future) Aznar's" a on touched He .said Khatami "states, two the between relations the .held concurrently be to scheduled is which commission economic joint (both) in friends Spanish our of hands the squeeze will We" ".cooperation cultural and economic as state powerful such with relations forging that said Khatami .advantage political about bring can Iran Eastern Islamic, the linking in role Spanish the cheered also He important an play would Spain that said He .civilizations Western and ."Civilizations Among Dialogue" of initiative the in role Zanganeh Namdar Bijan Minister Oil with along Khatami President the attend to morning Tuesday Venezuela, Caracas, for Tehran left Countries Exporting Petroleum of Organization the of summit second .27-28 September Caracas in held be to (OPEC) Minister Foreign includes also heading is he that delegation The Hossein Minister Affairs Economic and Finance and Kharrazi Kamal .Namazi member between ties consolidating that said he departure, his Upon a it make to order in OPEC of pillars the bolstering and states of agenda the on top is affairs economic world's the in force strong supplier sole the not is OPEC Although" .summit OPEC second the this in role important very a plays it world the in energy and oil of .reporters told he "regard, 40-year the in second the but is summit 2000-Caracas The city capital the in held was summit first The .(OPEC) the of existence in Iraq Baghdad, in created was tht OPEC .1975 in Algeria, Algiers, of .members 11 has now 1960 visit to President Iranian first the be to is Khatami Meanwhile, official 2-day a for Friday Havana in arrive to scheduled is He .Cuba .Caracas in summit OPEC the in participation his following visit, Fidel President Cuban by welcomed be to is President Iranian The .Castro AK/HR End