Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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waters Gulf Persian in maneuvers launch forces naval Iranian on forces naval Iran's -- IRNA 26, Sept ,.Prov Hormozgan Abbas, Bandar in Strait Hormoz strategic the in exercises military launched Tuesday commemorate to activities the of part as south the in Gulf Persian the .Iraq with war 1980-1988 the of outbreak the of anniversary 20th the war includes "Assistance-79" code-named maneuvers, five-day The anti-mine destroyers, and mini-vessels craft, underwater by games the during role effective an played which hovercrafts and choppers .war eight-year hypothetical attack also will aircraft army several Meanwhile, .waters Gulf Persian the in positions enemy marks Iran year, every 21-28 September ceremony week-line a In war the of outbreak the commemorates that Week' Defence 'Sacred the .lives of thousands claimed which Revolution's Islamic the of forces provincial also Monday On ,"Zolfaqar" code-named maneuvers, two-day launched (IRGC) Corps Guards mark to Kord Shahr-e of city southwestern the of east kilometers 10 and male both ,(forces volunteer) Basijis 5,000 .occasion same the .maneuvers the joining are female, for opt to Iran prompted Iraq with war eight-year The .manufacture weapons in self-sufficiency the launch to about was it that week last announced Navy Iran's functioning of capable mini-vessel domestically-manufactured first .destroyer and rocket-launcher a as passenger Iran-made an of prototype the Tuesday on Meanwhile, .line assembly the off rolled Ukraine, with venture joint a plane, of altitude maximum a reach can 'Iran-140' 52-passenger The 1,250) kilometers 2,000 about of range a at fly and feet 26,000 .(miles Defense observe to activities of part as inaugurated jet, The debut official its making before tests initial for ready now is Week, .year next manufactured were aircraft the of parts the of percent Forty was rest the of manufacture the and Ukraine, and Iran by jointly .countries two the between split equally AK/HR End