Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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eradicate to cooperation increased for calls premier Malaysian poverty the on Committee Steering Regional The -- IRNA 26, Sept Lumpur, Kuala region Asia-Pacifice the of Women Island and Rural of Advancement eradication, poverty and change for catalyst a as act could (RSC-AP) .Tuesday on said Mohamad Mahathir Dr Minister Prime Malaysian between "partnership bridging" a as act also could it said He .women rural help to agencies other and governments international and regional governments, national sure am I" technical and financial their give to continue will communities the for progams empowerment and eradication poverty for support of poorest the are million 550 which of world, the of women rural 2nd three-day the of start the at said Mahathir Dr "poor, the .RSC-AP of conference this in represented are RSC-AP from delegates 100 than More .28 Sept on ends which ladies first Asia-Pacific of conference Mrs) Sadeqi Zohreh Mrs Lady First Iran's of Republic Islamic The .meeting the to delegation four-member a leading is (Khatami the attending ladies first other Khatami, Mrs from Apart Siphandone Thongvanh Madame ,(India) Narayanan Usha Mrs are meeting Sehba Begum Mrs ,(Monggolia) Oyunbileg Azadsurengliin .Mrs ,(Laos) Dr and (Guinea New Papua) Morauta Roslyn Lady ,(Pakistan) Musharaf .(Malaysia) Ali Mohamad Hasmah Siti .Hasmah Siti .Dr by chaired is meeting The of importance the stressed Mahathir Dr remarks, opening his In the of million 14 reached have which institutions micro-credit .families poorest world's of removal the ensure to efforts concerted for called also He .AIDs and STDs HIV, as such diseases socio-communicable such terminology new a years recent in said minister prime The or community a of "mind-set" the to refer This .emerged has "gender" .society considered is it because importance gained has It" :said He ".women and men between discriminate to not Asia-Pacific in governments member urged therefore, Mahathir, Dr will that practice, into development Gender on rhetoric the put to .women urban and rural poor, the help only not women, of inclusion the ensure will practice These" which activities economic other in also but reduction, poverty in "growth, economic increasing by government the help ultimately will .said he rural of role vital the acknowledges world the said Mahathir Dr are women facility micro-credit with and alleviation, pover in women .points entry at money to access gain to able their bring to only not capability their to lead will This" political and economic achieve to but poverty, of out families "communities, their and villages their homes, their within empowerment .added he institution, micro-credit Bangladesh the commended Mahathir Dr has which Bangladesh, of Bank Grammen the by spearheaded .country their in areas rural in life revolutionized infrastructure communication basic provided has Bank Grameen The Grammen and telephones solar-powered Grameen the as such facilities .Internet such emulate to RSC-AP of leaders urged minister prime The .women rural amongst poverty alliviate to order in program between partnership smart through achieved be can Much" development and donors international governments, organizations, and poverty reduce help will this that adding said, he "agencies, women rural of living of standards the of improvement an to lead ".countries their in of eradication the said speech, her in Hasmah, Siti Dr Meanwhile, Asia in women rural by faced problems inter-related its and poverty .meeting the of theme the is Pacific the and rural of health are discussed be to issues other said She STDs, as such diseases communicable of impact and counselling women, .AIDs and HIV said she RSC-AP, the by played role the of background a Giving .ladies first 16 some comprises membership the far so that to specially countries other to membership expand to hope We" .said she "concerns, our share who those speeding for government national the urged also Hasmah Siti Dr .women poor for program action affirmative the of implementation end will RSC-AP of chairperson as tenure her although said She the in introduced be will activities more that hopes she 2001, on .countries member in and region villages in poverty of eradication the be to remains target Our" .added she "women, rural poor the help and Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Krygystan, of comprises RSC-AP The malaysia, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, Iran, India, Maldives, Mongolia, .Tonga and Guinea New Papua Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, the BER/LS/RR End