Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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meeting Caracas of goal a OPEC, of pillars Bolstering :Khatami here said Khatami Mohammad Seyyed President -- IRNA 26, Sept Tehran, bolstering and states member between ties consolidating that Tuesday world's in force determining a it make to order in OPEC of pillars being summit OPEC second the of agenda the on top is affairs economic .28 to 27 September from Venezuela Caracas, in held before Airport International Mehrabad at reporters Addressing the not is OPEC although said president the Venezuela, for leaving important very a plays it world the in energy and oil of supplier sole .regard this in role member OPEC among solidarity upgrading of importance the Stressing seek not will summit Caracas the that said Khatami President states, in decided mainly are which ceiling production and prices oil set to .meetings ministerial OPEC convergency further about bringing at aimed is summit Caracas The for mechanisms long-term finding and states member OPEC among Exporting Petroleum of Organization the activating and fostering .out pointed Khatami President ,(OPEC) Countries consuming oil major of attitude profiteering the Criticizing consumers final what of percent 68 that said president the countries, taken are products oil for paying are (EU) Union European the within of cost to relate percent 16 another and taxes as governments their by is which percent, 16 remaining the only and operations processing oil .countries producing oil of share the is lowest, the less is countries producing by earned revenues oil that Stressing of price current the and energy of source this of value real the than that said president the with, cope could OPEC that least the is oil is producers oil of rights the defend to measures taking undoubtedly .states member OPEC of heads all of viewpoint common the unjust their up give to countries consuming oil major Urging enjoy only will all We" said, president the attitude, profiteering consuming and producing oil both when tranquility and stability long-term and conditions existing the with satisfied are countries ".market oil the over prevails stability Seyyed President ceremony, see-off official the of end the At for Tehran left delegation, high-ranking a heading Khatami, Mohammad the of summit second the in part take to Venezuela, Caracas, .Countries Exporting Petroleum of Organization Namdar Bijan Minister Oil Kharrazi, Kamal Minister Foreign Namazi Hossein Minister Affairs Economic and Finance and Zanganeh will which Caracas to visit this in president the accompanying are .28 to 27 September from held be to summit OPEC the host existence 40-year the in second the is summit Caracas year's This first The .(OPEC) Countries Exporting Petroleum of Organization the of .1975 in Algiers of capital Algerian the in held was summit has currently and 1960 in Iraq, Baghdad, in established was OPEC .members 11 AR/AH End