Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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UNICEF with collaboration in held workshop training rights Child Measures Security Educational the of Head -- IRNA 26, Sept Tehran, Tuesday here Bakhtiari, Morteza Organization, Prisons the of it to come who those to dignity human restore to need the underlined .assistance for workshop training second the of session opening the Addressing organization, the and UNICEF the by sponsored jointly rights child on single a to dignity of restoration a that stressed Bakhtiari entire an to dignity of restoration a to tantamount is individual .society warmly Iran of Republic Islamic the added, he end, this To of framework the within kind the of workshops of holding the welcomes .fund children's .N.U the of activities Tehran, to representative UNICEF workshop, the at speaking Also Educational the of efforts sincere the appreciated Diallo, Souleymane instituting at directed Organization Prisons the of Measures Security .convicts juvenile for imprisonment with away do would that sentences the efforts praiseworthy such spearheading by that said He pioneering a be to proved again once has Iran of Republic Islamic .region entire the in countries for example Tehran in court a history, judicial Iran's in time first the For juvenile a be to found teenager female 15-year-old a sentenced .months three of period a for "arrest house" to delinquent children of needs the to pointed Diallo remarks, his in Elsewhere are children these that stressed and conditions harsh under living develop to able be to order in measures security special of need in .talents their Rights Child :Workshop Training" entitled workshop three-day The "Centers Reform Children of Managers for Specially Convention on views exchange to opportunity the with participants provided of realization broader guarantee would that mechanisms various the .rights child bilateral of framework the within reached agreement an In the of Measures Security and Educational the between cooperation support provide to is latter the UNICEF, the and Organization Prisons .organization the of staff for workshops training of holding the for NS/LS/YS End