Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Kerman in killed bandits armed 3 seized, drugs kg 1,000 seized were drugs illicit of kg 1,000 Some -- IRNA 26, Sept Tehran, of parts different in smugglers drug with conflicts armed during was it hours, 48 past the over Kerman of province southeastern the .Tuesday on here announced Law the of commander Roohi, Abbas-Ali Brigadier-General involved band drug a that IRNA told Kerman of (LEF) Forces Enforcement busted also was drugs narcotic of distribution and production the in armed Three .period same the during Babak Shahr-e of city the in operation, three-hour the during personnel LEF by killed were bandits .added he a weapons, two opium, of kg 320 morphine, of kg twenty hundred Two the from seized were vehicle a and armaments, of number large Roohi traffickers, drug the with conflict armed the during smugglers .said in involved be to known agents and thieves armed 22 Meanwhile, were people local of persecution and region the in insecurity creating that adding said, further Roohi forces, enforcement law by arrested from seized also were armaments of amount large a and weapons seven .agents arrested the minibus a in hidden opium of kg 264 development, another In forces police by discovered were Mashhad from Iranshahr to route en were people Two .announced commander the period, same the during the with along officials judicial to over handed and arrested .added he drugs, confiscated the in security maintaining of charge in forces Likewise, van a in hidden opium of kg 127 discovered Mahan of city provincial .days two past the over central the of official LEF a Mir-Rahimi, Hassan Hojatoleslam various of kg 783 that Monday on IRNA told also Yazd, of province of city the in smugglers from seized were drugs illicit of kinds .Sunday on Mehriz of kg 270 and hashish of kg 513 included drugs confiscated The carrying smugglers four the that regret expressing said, he opium, .night the of darkness the to due escape to able were drugs the behind left were bullets 285 and grenades hand three vehicles, Two .said he traffickers, the by relations public the from today received report a to According of province southern the of forces enforcement law the of department province the in confiscated were drugs illicit of kg 166 some Fars, .days few past the over and opium of kg 89 some confiscated, drugs of amount total the Of report the Marv-Dasht, of city the in discovered were hashish of kg 64 were persons three and confiscated were cars three that adding said, .encounter same the in arrested by discovered also were opium of kg 13 development, another In .period same the during Abadeh of city provincial the of personnel LEF FS/LS/YS End