Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Isfahan Shiraz, from repatriated refugees Afghan More refugees Afghan 423 of batch Another -- IRNA 26, Sept Tehran, homeland their to returned Fars of province southern the in residing for program repatriation voluntary ongoing an of part as Monday, on .refugees and Nationals Foreign for Bureau province's the of Head that Tuesday on here IRNA told Mousavi, Mahmoud Seyyed Immigrants, the was children, 56 and women 30 men, 337 of consisting group, the .Shiraz of city the leave to refugees Afghan of batch 19th provincial the left refugees the official, the to According the in point border Chahar-Cheshmeh the for Shiraz of capital an with buses, 13 board on Khorassan of province northeastern .luggage personal their carrying trucks seven accompanying homeland their to returned have refugees Afghan 7,080 Some official the alone, Fars of province the from 8 April since .added continue will refugees Afghan of repatriation voluntary The .11 October until 30 of consisting refugees Afghan of batch another Meanwhile, the of residents all persons, 117 totalling families household home their to voluntarily returned Isfahan, of province central .afternoon Monday on country said Immigrants and Nationals Foreign for Bureau province's The .children 51 and women, 31 men, 35 of consisted group the provincial the left refugees the bureau, same the to According on country the of areas border eastern the for Isfahan of capital personal their carried trucks two another while buses, four board .luggage their to returned far so have refugees Afghan 10,599 Some .added bureau the alone, Isfahan of province the from homeland in way under now is refugees Afghan of return voluntary The Commissioner High Nations United the of office the with coordination .(UNHCR) Refugees for far so have refugees Afghan 100,000 over UNHCR, the to According were which of percent 10 over country, home their for Iran left .Isfahan of province the in residing AR/LS/YS End