Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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acquitted publications conservative 2 and weekly one cleared court press Tehran's -- IRNA 26, Sept Tehran, reprisal, in and, charges of conservatives, by run both daily, one Justice Tehran the guilty, weeklies conservative-run other two found .Tuesday on announced Department of exonerated were `Mahan' weekly and `Javan' daily The weeklies the while managing-directors, their against pressed charges .guilty found were `Milad' and `Jam' the justify to circumstances mitigating found jury press The .guilty found those of penalties of innocent found but defamation oral of guilty found was Jam obscene an publishing of count one on guilty found was Milad .libel .picture Mohammad by respectively managed are Mahan and Milad Jam, the while Hosseinifar, Gholam-Reza and Baqerian Akbar Bahonar, Reza .Mazaheri Mohammad-Mehdi by headed is `Javan' daily natural were weeklies the against cases the in Plaintiffs the was (LEF) forces enforcement law country's the while persons, it picture obscene alleged an for `Javan' against complainant .published ordered was `Arya' daily pro-reform the 30, August on Earlier, Zohdi, Mohammad-Reza director, managing its and good for closed two for activities press from banned jail, in months four to sentenced .cash in rials million two fined and years the by down closed been have periodicals reformist Twenty-three .press the reform to drive a in April since Judiciary AK/LS/YS End