Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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homeland their to refugees Palestinian of return rejects Barak Prime Zionist of Advisor political The -- IRNA 26, .Sept Athens the during atmosphere the described Yatom, Danny Barak, Ehud Minister ".excellent and cordial" as night Monday meeting Arafat-Barak that saying as radio run sate Israeli the by quoted was Yatom spoke often and jokes exchanged Barak and Arafat PA-chairman .informally allowing of idea the rejected Israel Arafat told Barak said He of implementation in homes their to return to refugees Palestinian .194 resolution UN small very a" allow to willingness voiced Barak though said Yatom strictly on" Palestine occupied the to return to "refugees of number ".basis humanitarian settlement, peace a reaching about sincere was Arafat said Yatom the offer to unwilling was leader Palestinian the that added but ".concessions necessary" sharply are Authority Palestinian the and regime Zionist The Arab-Israeli the of issues fundamental the all virtually on divided refugees, the of fate the al-Qods, of status the as such conflict .settlements Jewish and water borders, KA/NK/JH End