Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Israel to information classified passing of suspected Indyk regime, Zionist the to Ambassador US -- IRNA 26, .Sept Athens, violations, security for investigation under now Indyk, Martin Israeli unidentified to "information classified" passed have may .reports press Israeli and American to according officials, breach serious a constitute would actions Indyk's true, If .al-Qods from report a to according espionage, on bordering trust of about everything say point this at wouldn't officials American .instructions standing of violation in done have might Indyk what this At .matter this in espionage of indication no is There" has information intelligence any that indication no is there time, .official US one said compromised,'' been "time, this at" is phrase above the in word key the Clearly, of sort some of guilty found be could he that implies which .later espionage network television US told official US senior a 25, September On home bringing for investigated (part in) being was Indyk that CNN .read to documents classified 12, September on suspended was clearance security whose Indyk, mishandling about supervisors his by times numerous warned been had .properly documents secure the be only may documents secure of "mishandling" the However, .affair Indyk the of facade outer Israeli the to linked directly reportedly was Indyk May, Last .Lebanon in valley Beka'a the bomb to decision in part a played had Indyk that said then reports press Israeli of nature the to as details no gave but decision, Israeli said the .involvement his classified passed have may analysts, some to according , Indyk the in part important an played which Israelis, the to documents Hizbullah and stations power electricity bombing of decision Israeli .Lebanon in targets classified passed had Indyk that believed also is it Moreover, opposition right-wing Israeli the in figures top to information the and Israel between talks the to pertaining Likud, the party, Ehud Premier Zionist the concessions of extent the and Palestinians .Palestinians the give to willing is Barak embarrassed Sharon Ariel leader Likud occasions, many on Indeed, Israeli proposed of extent the about details disclosing by Barak .Authority Palestinian the to concessions to Americans the by passed been have to believed are details These .Indyk through possibly Sharon, information sensitive passed have may Indyk point, the to More .Israel to states Arab to pertaining from itself distance to sought has meanwhile, regime, Zionist The .affair Indyk the with association any .affair the on comments shunned officials Zionist an" Indyk of investigation the called Barak Ehud for spokesman A ".Israel with do to nothing has that matter American internal with do to something have to seem does investigation the But .Israel highly is it and Barak, of confidant close a be to known is Indyk did, he information classified of mishandling whatever that believed .US the in not Israel, in place took at official high-ranking and lobbyist Jewish former a Indyk, be to believed is US, the in lobby pro-Israeli main the AIPAC, Israeli perceived and "process peace" the of critical views harboring .Palestinians the to concessions Sa'eb negotiator chief including officials, PA occasions, many On having" as (Ross Dennis envoy US with along) Indyk described Ureikat Israel by presented those than extremist more are that views ".officials East Middle senior the named was Indyk Australian-born The .1993 January in Council Security National the on specialist between conduit important an was he ambassadorship first his In Yitzhak minister prime Zionist late the and administration Clinton the .Rabin occupying officials Jewish American top several of one is Indyk .administration Clinton the in posts sensitive Madeleine State of Secretary as figures such includes list The Security National Cohen, William Defense of Secretary Albright, his and Ross Dennis East Middle the to envoy US Burger, Sandy Advisor .Miller Aaron aide KA/NK/JH End