Sep 26, 2000, 12:01 AM
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cooperation of expansion for agreement sign to Kuwait Iran, Iran of ministries interior the from Experts -- IRNA 26, Sept Kuwait, joint a of ahead talks official started Tuesday here Kuwait and .Thursday on start to slated meeting examine to are experts the meeting, two-day upcoming their During various in cooperation bilateral expand to which by mechanisms within security internal boost would that those including fields, .borders country's each Mohammad by led is talks the to delegation Iranian The the of affairs political for director-general Haq-Shenas, Javad by headed be will panel Kuwaiti the while Ministry, Interior Iranian of affairs security for director-general al-Fares, Abdullah Colonel .Ministry Interior Kuwaiti the of task the with entrusted been have delegations expert Both .meeting ministerial week's next for agenda the preparing 1997 in understanding of memorandum a signed Kuwait and Iran al-Khalid Muhammad Sheikh of Tehran to visit the with concurrent of area the in cooperation for Minister, Interior Kuwaiti as-Sabah, .security domestic and control drug Tehran left delegation, expert Iranian the heads who Haq-Shenas, .night Monday Kuwait for Mousavi-Lari Abdolvahed Hojatoleslam Minister Interior Iranian his of invitation the at Thursday on Kuwait in arrive to due is .counterpart Kuwaiti to expected are counterpart his and Lari Kuwait, in While .cooperation bilateral further to agreements of number a sign NS/LS/YS End