Sep 20, 2000, 12:01 AM
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officials Iranian with talks ``fruitful'' her with satisfied Ogata Hosseingholipour Behnaz by for Commissioner High Nations United The -- IRNA 20, .Sept Tehran, with talks her that Wednesday on here said Ogata Sadako Refugees been had refugees Afghan concerning issues on officials Iranian .positive the extend to agreed government Iran's and UNHCR the said Ogata .months three of period additional an for program joint current .added she mid-October, in end to scheduled was program joint The Afghans all since extension an such for felt was need the said She .examined cases their having of possibility the had not had intensify would UNHCR and Iran that said official UN The term longer a on period extension the during issue the on discussions the of achievements the consolidating at aimed cooperation of program protection and repatriation voluntary both for program joint .screening program joint a implementing been had UNHCR the and Iran said She repatriation voluntary :components two had which year this April since Afghans undocumented the which under mechanism screening joint a and examined cases their have can return to not reasons valid have who .regulated and under homes their to returned have Afghans 100,000 about far, So in that adding Ogata, said program, the of part repatriation the screening eight in place taken had interviews 30,000 nearly parallel, .Iran across centers recent the regarding today discussions her in that said She Iran, leave to permit work a without foreigners requiring legislation continue to committed is Iran that assurances received also had she its with accordance in need in those to protection providing .Convention Refugee 1951 the under obligations for short be not would extended period the whether Asked Afghan million 5.1 of existence given - refugees of repatriation refugees 100,000 about of repatriation and country the in refugees for process a follows UNHCR the said Ogata months, six past the over Voluntary .1 :components two has that refugees Afghan of repatriation have who those of request .2 back go to want who those of repatriation .refugees as Iran in stay to asked parallel in on go should two the that thinks UNHCR the said She some are there back go to really want who many are there while because .examined be to has demand legitimate their and on stay to want who of case the examining on keen very is government the that added She take would process repatriation so-called the said She .refugees the .time of period longer process credible and legitimate provide does process the said She and back go to want who people the of desire the meets that return of the of desire the meets also and asylum taking those of desire the as effectively as and possible as quickly as able be to government .country the in stay to require not do who those return possible extension the after even continue should that process a is it So up come to like would UNHCR the period extension the during and period the consolidate would that mechanisms government the with together .official UN the said process, for government Iranian of plan possible on comment to Asked is government said Ogata population, other with Afghans of integration .policy the against Mohammad President with meeting her of cancellation for reasons On plan her for meeting the attend to failed had she said Ogata Khatami, UN four of death following Switzerland in meeting a attend to .Timor East in three and Guinea in one including officials, to assistance more with Iran provide to plan UNHCR's the on Asked said Ogata territory, its in residing refugees of number large a host with difficulty had it since so do not could body UN the that to assistance equal provides UNHCR the said She .resources mobilizing not is assistance that believes but concern that in Pakistan and Iran .solution the is repatriation that added She .solution only the in Afghans repatriated the assist should UN the said Ogata countries the in) repatriate to willing not those also and Afghanistan .(asylum first the of home returning refugees the whether that question to response In UN a under said Ogata asylum, first of country the return not would the to return home returning those of percent 10 to two just survey, .asylum first of country for plan a be would there scheme UN the under said She .wish they Afghanistan of part any to Afghans of repatriation not did Taliban with discussion and meeting Ogata's whether Asked .all at not said she militia, the of recognition mean the in approaches new for calls environment new the said Ogata a for calls also it and situation refugee the to response UNHCR's to and Afghanistan to both support reinvigorate to effort concerted to decided have I mind, in this ``With .Afghans hosting countries the in programs and policies our of review scale full a commission ''.region as approach the of ingredients four main the categorized She :follows between distinguish to mechanisms be would there that ensure To .1 .migrants other and refugees the emphasizing repatriation, voluntary to support continue To .2 .returns of sustainability also but Afghanistan to primarily support, increased ensure To .3 .Pakistan and Iran .e.i asylum, first of countries to to related movements population of issue the that ensure To .4 to related discussions into factored systematically is Afghanistan .initiatives political the as well as development and reconstruction BG/HM End