Sep 20, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Khorramabad on process investigation :head group probing Majlis satisfactory incidents, Board Investigation Majlis the of Head -- IRNA 20, Sept Khorramabad, the on investigation the that Wednesday on said Ashkevari-rad Ali .process satisfactory a following was Khorramabad in commotion recent Ashkevari Khorramabad, in correspondent IRNA with interview an In it but event the of aspects general the of informed is board the said .details the penetrate to trying now is matter the into probing with charged group fact-finding The with held were talks that adding said, he Tuesday, on city the entered .connection that in Khorramabad of leader prayer Friday the to Office the by organized gathering the in part taking Students investigating the give to requested been have also (OFU) Unity Foster he incidents, the on possess they documents and evidence the group .said the by prepared report the that out pointed Ashkevari-rad General Inspectorate State the by dispatched group fact-finding been have to seems incidents Khorramabad the on (SIGO) Organization .it in seen are prejudgments some since hastily prepared of clear not was report said the that say to on went He .remarks contradictory investigate with team a charged had Organization the Regretfully .opinion public the satisfy to failed thoroughly had that incident the HB/HM END