Sep 20, 2000, 12:01 AM
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line poverty below population of percent 13 :Official Organization's Planning and Management The -- IRNA 20, .Sept Tehran, Yarmand Alleviation, Poverty and Affairs Social for General Director is population country's the of percent 13 that Wednesday here said .poor considered monthly minimum the research, latest the on based that added He areas urban in 1,200,000 rls is clothing and shelter food, for income not do who people added, he Therefore, .areas rural in 800,000 rls and .line poverty the under are income of amount this have of poor, are people of percent 13 that show figures that said He various from assistance receive (million 5.4) or percent 8 which .organizations charity a have not do poor the of percent 45 that said also Yarmand are percent 35 and custodian sick a have percent 20 custodian, incarceration divorce, as such reasons various to due poor considered .custodians their of disabilities physical and NB/RR End