Sep 20, 2000, 12:01 AM
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morning Friday Thursday, on conditions Weather experiencing been has which coast Sea Caspian -- IRNA 20, Sept Tehran, in decrease a witness will days few a for rainfalls strong relatively Meteorological Iran's Wednesday, late of as rainfalls of amount the .afternoon Wednesday on here announced Organization country the of part northern the organization, the to According .Thursday on windy be will for conditions weather Iran's forecast also organization The :follows as morning Friday and Thursday afternoon Thursday on cloudy, slightly to skies Clear :-Tehran probable and winds, clouds, in increases temporary with accompanied altitudes at showers sporadic partly to skies Clear :regions northeastern and -Northwestern clouds, increasing with parts some in afternoon Thursday on cloudy, showers temporary and light probable with altitudes at and winds, thunder and lightning and to skies Clear :regions central and southwestern -Western, accompanied afternoon Thursday on parts some in cloudy, slightly clouds increasing and winds with to skies Clear :regions southern and southeastern -Eastern, increases occasional with accompanied parts some in cloudy, slightly haze with coast sea southern the at and winds, clouds, in with accompanied cloudy partly to skies Clear :regions -Other haze local or winds mild the Organization, Meteorological the to according Meanwhile, 32 reach to expected is Thursday on Tehran in temperature maximum .Wednesday on as same the Celsius, degrees AR/RR End