Sep 20, 2000, 12:01 AM
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exercise "carat" in Navy US and Singapore (RSN) Navy Singapore of Republic The -- IRNA 19, Sept Lumpur, Kuala excercise, joint 15-day their Tuesday up wrapping are Navy US the and Sea, China South the in firings live of series a with CARAT, codenamed .Thursday on ends exercise The .said report a ships 18 nearly said NewsAsia Channel station, TV Singapore's The .involved are personnel 3,500 than more and one just was away miles nautical 4 target a at rounds 72mm Firing USS and Vigilance RSS of crews the by performed manoeuvres many of in based frigate a is James Reuben USS .2000 CARAT in James Reuben .Harbour Pearl the into look intimate first their is it board, on many for And their in bring to Americans The .Navy Singapore the of workings helicopters two and Helena USS the submarine, nuclear a convoy, .warfare submarine of capable of unit task commander Leong, Men Chew Commander Leutenant RSN the for opportunity good very a us gives It":said CARAT, Exercise in USN like navy advanced an against itself benchmark of sort to in and sub-surface surface, to air warfare, of dimensions various how see to opportunity this take can we Therefore, .firing weapons ".navy advanced an against are we good BN/RR End