Sep 20, 2000, 12:01 AM
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region in cooperation collective for ready Iran :Kharrazi Kharrazi, Kamal Minister Foreign -- IRNA 20, Sept York, New in challenges security and economic outlined here, currently cooperation for plans Iran's on elaborated and region Europe-Asia the and Asia Central in those especially countries, regional with .Caucasus underlined Kharrazi session, Group Eurasia at speech a Delivering said He .cooperation of spirit the of revival the for need the in challenges political-economic grave facing are countries regional such if that adding assistance, regional to access gaining of wake and social to exposed be will region the ignored are challenges .world entire the affect will which threats and crisis security elimination and security and stability for need the stressed He drug of menace today said and instability causing factors of Afghanistan, in wars civil and crimes organized terrorism, smuggling, the of security jeopardizing are Abkhazia and Chechnya Karabakh, .region entire negative of spead the of possibility the to pointed Kharrazi instead others eliminate to attempts and rivalry external and internal other among being as confidence mutual and convergence developing of .challenges regional Sea Caspian the by decision a for need urgent the underscored He a on sea the of regime legal the of completion the for states littoral .basis comprehensive and fair and detente of policy Iran's highlighted Kharrazi the in stability and peace promote to aim an with confidence-building in role key played had Iran of Republic Islamic the said and region Afghanistan, in crisis as such disputes regional of settlement the beneficial were efforts such that adding Karabakh, and Tajikistan .world the as well as region entire the to to endeavored has Iran minister, foreign the said addition, In the within cooperation multilateral and bilateral strengthen .(ECO) Organization Cooperation Economic the of framework Development Five-Year Third National the of priorities Outlining investment, foreign attracting in especially ,(2000-2005) Plan developed with cooperation joint for readiness Iran's voiced Kharrazi .region the of development economic at aimed countries route connection North-South of significance the underlined He countries Asian Central the of needs urgent the given Iran through and reliable a it termed and development to Caucasus the and .route cost-effective domestic Iran's using and route such taking by said He economic major to access gain can countries those potentials, the to gas an oil their transfer thus and Asia and Europe in centers .market world shortest the is route Iran's that believe experts said Kharrazi region, the in energy of transfer for passage economical most and to facilities required the providing for readiness Iran's voicing the and Asia Central from gas of transfer for countries neighboring .Caucasus the resources, human immense and natural rich its given said He world the in region advanced an into turned be to apt is region .groupings regional other and ECO within cooperation through the in role effective an play can ECO that stressed also Kharrazi cooperation further bolstering in and Road Silk the of revival .world the of nations other and countries regional between legal a said he Sea, Caspian the of issue the to back Turning of basis the on completed be should sea the for regime and coexistence peaceful of principles background, historical upon and states littoral the of considerations security and economic .Caspian the neighboring states five the of consensus the region the in cooperation collective for need the Underlining regional the of interests guarantee to means only the as Iran of Republic Islamic the that conclusion in said he countries, the for region the of countries other with cooperate to ready is future prosperous more a building for and Road Silk the of revival .all for NS/RR End