Sep 20, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Philippines in rescued hostages French Two Jolo in held hostages French Two -- IRNA 20, Sept Lumpur, Kuala on dawn at rescued were Philippines the of tip southern the in Island .said report a Wednesday, officials reported TV3, station, tv private-owned Malaysia's 46, Garec, le Jacques Jean journalists television saying as Jolo in Infantry 77th the of troops by rescued were 49, Madula, Roger and .Patikul in bombardments naval of resumption the following Batallion Sayyaf Abu the by held being were who men, French two The a in Robot, Commander alias Andang, Ghalib Commander group's military a to rushed immediately were Patikul, in area mountainous .town Jolo in base base the at pyjamas in only clad arriving seen were They military on-going the for center command a as serving currently .day fifth its enterd has that Sayyaf Abu the against assault later city Zamboanga to flown be to expected are men two The .officials Embassy French to over turned and Wednesday other Robot from apart said officials government Philippine the where Patikul, in up holed be to believed were who leaders gunmen .Sa Radullan and Susukan Mujib were on, focused are bombardments naval Commander alias Saadula, Naadzmi leader, Sayyaf Abu Another his to Patikul in camp his from fled have to believed is Global, .Idanan of hometown journalist French another with together Garec Le and Madula of hideout the to went they when abducted were 36, Burgot, Maryse .9 July on Talipao in Bandang at Mujib and Robot abducted people 21 holding were time that at Mujib and Robot .23 April on Sabah off Island Sipadan of resort diving Malaysia's from Sipadan their of one but all freed since have gunmen The .9 Sept on released was who Burgot as well as captives, are gunmen the journalists, French two the of rescue the With manager Malaysians--resort three including hostages 17 holding still and 40, Jongkinoh, Joe Joseph divemaster 43, Sulaiman, Noh Mohd Island Pandanan from abducted were who 31, Cheung, Vui Kan contractor .10 Sept on Sabah of state Malaysia's in BN/LS/RR End