Sep 20, 2000, 12:01 AM
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ministry :war eight-year to capacity defense boosted owes Iran defensive its in improvements the owes Iran -- IRNA 20, Sept Tehran, 1980-1988 the during gained it experience the to capabilities .Wednesday on here announced Ministry Defense the war, Iraqi-imposed Republic's Islamic the in achievements interesting and Honorable" said it "experience, war-time its of results the are industry defense bloody the of start the of anniversary 20th the mark to statement a in ."Week Defense Sacred" as yearly observed war people's the of symbol expressive most the as war the termed It and Revolution Islamic the of ideals the defending to commitment .fate own their deciding their reassert to moment the seize to them on called then It Republic, Islamic the of founder late the of ideals the to allegiance .Khamenei Ali Ayatollah Leader Supreme the to and Khomeini, Imam the launch to about was it that Monday on announced Navy Iran's a as functioning of capable vessel mini locally-built first .destroyer and rocket-launcher 90 that IRNA told officer, naval a Maanavi, Abdollah Vice-Admiral body the of percent 70 and rocket-launcher the of body the of percent .experts local by built was destroyer the of facilities, naval on improvements eye-opening the on Elaborating missile of development full-scale navy's the to referred Maanavi computerized and launchers anti-aircraft long-range, systems, .operations domestically-manufactured first its launched Iran month, Last the in mines lay and commandos transport to intended submarine mini .port Abbas Bandar off Gulf Persian the of waters and crew two-man a accommodate can submarine Alsabehat-15 The .said he divers, three to up close operations various in used being of capable is submarine The dropping and patrols reconnaissance making as such territory enemy to .added he guns, artillery guiding and mines planting commandos, to decide Iran made Iraq with war eight-year bitter The .manufacture weapons in self-sufficiency for drive a implement of days five hold will it announced has Navy the Meanwhile, Sacred" the mark to Sunday starting Gulf Persian the in maneuvers ."Week Defense have who (forces volunteer) Basijis include would exercises The border a in maneuvers own their of holding the announced also .Thursday on beginning Iraq with border the along province feature will "Courage-79," code-named games, war naval The include will and sea, at troops of hundreds and commandos divers, Iran's of defense and rocket-launching of logistics the in exercises .borders maritime on Tehran in parade military a stage also will forces armed The .Thursday AK/LS/KS End