Sep 20, 2000, 12:01 AM
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denied Iran northwestern in riots Reported northwestern the in official security A -- IRNA 20, Sept Tehran, by visit four-day recent a of scene Azarbaijan, West of province demonstrations violent of reports refuted Khatami, Mohammad President the province, the in speech a delivering was he while staged .Wednesday on said Now' `Hayat-e daily pro-reform of director-general Bigham, Hossein "issue, negligible a was It" general governorate provincial the of affairs security and political .saying as cited was mass during uncommon not are incidents such that said He .more or people 10,000 of gatherings a made had they saying reports, press the derided Bigham ."molehill a of out mountain" 100 than more that Tuesday on reported `Resalat' daily The during knives with shopkeepers robbed and buses smashed rioters speech Khatami's not for shopowners berating and "Freedom! Freedom!" Chanting destroyed gangs Saturday, on speech Khatami's attend to down closing bazaar, gold city's the robbed and into broke then and vehicles, .said `Resalat' who robbers by taken were gold of kilos seven some said It .wounded people two left and knives with merchants threatened had mob the in some that saying as witnesses quoted paper The Khatami while open remained shops the why know to demanded angrily .stay of period short his during speech a deliver to town in was was group rioting the that reiterated however, Bigham, been not has stolen gold of amount the that and small insignificantly .confirmed independently his to unrest the attribute to tried have critics Khatami's .1997 May in victory landslide a him gave who supporters AK/LS/KS End