Sep 20, 2000, 12:01 AM
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reported also rainfall excessive Bojnourd, rocks tremor Another measuring tremor second A -- IRNA 20, Sept ,.Prov Khorasan Bojnourd, city border this jolted scale Richter open-ended the on degrees 9.3 .Wednesday is which center seismological province's the to According earthquake the Institute, Geophysics University's Tehran to affiliated .(GMT 0454) time local hours 24:9 at hit northwest kilometers 340 at placed was quake the of epicenter The .Turkmenistan with border Iran's along Mashhad of city capital the of hit scale Richter the on 2.5 measuring earthquake an Tuesday, On .(GMT hours 19:15) time local hours 49:19 at city same the of northwest km 360 at placed was quake the of epicenter The material or human No .Turkmenistan with border Iran's on Mashhad .reported been far so have losses torrential heavy by sparked floods flash developments, other In floods The .Bojnourd of city same the hit reportedly have rains .years 50 in unprecedented be to said are "millimeters, 45 at stood level precipitation (Tuesday's)" .Wednesday on IRNA told Nouraei Heidar-Ali Governor operations relief and village a damaged have floods the said He .way under are in resulted have years recent in conditions weather Extreme drought summer's This .country the in floods and droughts devastating two in second the is and provinces 28 country's the of 18 affected .years a released ago month a mission fact-finding Nations United A describing drought, year's this of effect and extent the on report to devastation severe in resulting and years, 30 in "worst the" as it endangered also has It .livestock and agriculture country's the 60 country's the of half than more displaced and supplies water .population million AK/LS/KS End