Sep 20, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Taliban to speak to better it's says ambassador Turkmen cooperation and dialog A -- IRNA-Itar-Tass 20 Sept Nations, United them isolate to attempts than results larger yield will Taliban with Nations United the to ambassador Turkmenistan sanctions, any use to or the of session 55th the of debates political at said Atayeva Aksoltan .Tuesday on Assembly General .N.U people, Afghan the against particularly working are sanctions The .said she counterproductive, are they so more the conflict, inter-Afghan the in interference external Any the process, the exacerbates and unpromising is force, by so the promote to ready was country her that said She .noted ambassador to done be must Everything .aegis .N.U the under settlement Afghan negotiations, start to and fire cease to sides warring the persuade .said Atayeva Yer/KS End